Cheap Tramadol Online in Bensalem USA: Proper contraception is what works and what does not. Gynecology


Cheap Tramadol Online: Proper contraception is what works and what does not. Gynecology

Proper contraception: what works and what does not. Gynecology

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Despite medical progress, many of us are still wary of oral contraceptives (after all, they are growing stout!), They believe in the effectiveness of interrupted sexual intercourse and stubbornly calculate “safe” days. Such an approach to contraception sooner or later leads to the fact that the joke “What are the names of people who practice interrupted sexual intercourse? – Parents “ceases to be funny and becomes a reality Cheap Tramadol Online.

Doctors, who say that unreliable methods of contraception should never be used, most often hear in response stories about relatives and friends who have been having sex using the “calendar method” for several years – and everything is fine, there is no pregnancy. Few people think that a familiar couple, using dubious methods of protection, in fact, may have problems with reproductive function.

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Cheap Tramadol Online: Proper contraception is what works and what does not. Gynecology

According to the findings of scientists, in the so-called biological methods of contraception there is only one plus – they are free. Choosing such methods, you will not spend a penny at first. However, if they are used later, the costs can become very cheap tramadol online significant – you will have to either spend money on the newborn, or terminate the pregnancy Cheap Tramadol Online, or even be treated for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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The calendar method of contraception is based on determining the days when fertilization of the egg and the onset of pregnancy is unlikely. According to her menstrual cycle, a woman is asked to calculate the approximate time of the onset of ovulation and make a plan for sex management. For example, give up sex a week before ovulation and a week after it. But in most cases, ovulation is an unpredictable process, the timing of its occurrence may shift for a variety of reasons.

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In addition, the sperm that have entered the body of a woman before ovulation, can live up to a week and connect with the egg at a convenient time. Conclusion: there are practically no “safe” days.

Cheap Tramadol Online: Proper contraception is what works and what does not. Gynecology

Interrupted intercourse (PAP) is a serious test of a man for self-control. This method of contraception Cheap Tramadol Online is based on the extraction of the penis from the vagina until such time as ejaculation begins. Many men, despite the physiological inconvenience, still find the strength to interrupt sexual intercourse, after which they are Cheap Tramadol Online convinced that a woman can avoid pregnancy. This is mistake. After all, spermatozoa may be contained in the lubricant from the urethra, which is released long before ejaculation.

Douching with any drugs or home remedies in order to clean the genital tract seminal fluid is also ineffective. First, sperm is a sticky liquid that is not so easy to remove from the inside. Secondly, tramadol sperms are not bad “runners”, the speed of which many athletes can envy: to get into the fallopian tubes, male genital cells need a minute, or even less. Conclusion: douching in most cases is pointless, you will still be ahead.

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Introducing or pouring in the vagina of lemon slices and lemon juice, lifting weights, over-reinforced fitness classes, taking very hot baths and using other methods of “popular” contraception, which are considered effective in some treatises, can lead to burns of the mucous membrane, back problems and diseases of internal organs.

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Be attentive to your health, do not experiment where safe and effective contraception can be selected with the help of a good experienced gynecologist.


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