Cheap Tramadol Online in Big Flats USA: Face lift age does not matter. Plastic surgery


Cheap Tramadol Online: Face lift age does not matter. Plastic surgery

Facelift: age does not matter. Plastic surgery

The desire to look young as long as possible does not go out of fashion. And when “the years already Tramadol Online are not the ones”, when fitness and green tea do not have the former effect, many people think about a face lift.

We asked questions to the leading plastic surgeon of the Clinic of Plastic Surgery No. 1, Professor Andrey Anatolyevich Mikhailov, about what kind of operations exist and how long their effect will be.

– Andrey Anatolyevich, what kind of plastic surgery helps to fight age-related changes in the skin of the face?

There are three of them: this is an operation to implant gold threads, endoscopic lifting and a circular facelift (it is also a facelift).

– There is an opinion that a face lift is the fate of women over forty. So, until this age, you can not worry?

This is the biggest mistake of patients who believe that there are any age indications for facelift. In fact, in some women the youthful appearance persists at 40 and at 50, others at 35 look ten years older. Everything is very individual and is related to the genetic prerequisites of the Cheap Tramadol Online skin structure. It is possible to determine that the time has come only by the changes that have occurred: by the depth of the nasolabial folds or by the size of the “bulldog cheeks”. For example, a fifty-year-old patient comes to me and says: “I want to do a tightening,” but she has no evidence for that. Therefore, even if such an operation is done, the woman will be disappointed: since there will be no striking effect.

– It’s good when genes help a person to preserve youth, but what if everything is the opposite: at 25, a woman looks ten years older?

For very young people from 25 to 30 years old, in which the skin is prone to sagging and the formation of wrinkles, there is an operation for implanting 999 gold threads into the face skin.

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And what does it give?

The gold thread net has a triple action. First, it serves as a kind of frame that supports the skin and does not allow it to sag. At the same time, Tramadol Online tissues are preserved in the condition in which Cheap Tramadol Online patient turned to a plastic surgeon;

Secondly, it improves the nutrition of the surface layers of the skin. In the course of time, a young scar tissue forms around each thread, where new vessels grow. Their number is 5.5 times more than in old tissues, and therefore the influx of oxygen to the skin of the face increases 5.5 times. Thirdly, the frame of gold threads slightly tramadol online (about 1 mm) tightens the skin.

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– Andrey Anatolyevich, how realistic are the stories that over time the frame can tread, and the face of an unhappy woman will become like a field for playing tic-tac-toe?

Cheap Tramadol Online: Face lift age does not matter. Plastic surgery

This is possible, but only in one single case: if you get an unscrupulous surgeon. The fact is that the gold threads must be installed at a very specific depth: 3-4 mm. If the grid is installed superficially, then the frame’s protrusion is quite likely, if, on the contrary, it is too deep, there will be no effect.

– How long will the recovery period after such an operation?

Places of implantation of gold threads heal 5-10 days. The first three days you can not wash, small bruises you will see in the mirror a little less than a week. Already after 2 months, it will be possible to evaluate the effect of trim, and the improvement in the complexion will become noticeable after 4 months.

How long can you enjoy the effect of the implantation of gold threads?

Everything is very individual. However, on average, gold threads for five to seven years are able to preserve the skin corresponding to the age at which the implantation was made.

– What happens after the expiration of the gold threads? Is it possible to “strengthen” the frame again? Or will have to do some other operations?

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Gold threads are introduced into the skin of Tramadol Online forever, and it is impossible to tighten them again, so in the future you may be recommended to carry out an endoscopic facelift or circular facelift.

– How to determine which of these two operations is needed?

According to the changes that have occurred with the skin of the face. Minor cheap tramadol online sagging of the cheeks, shallow nasolabial folds, or other Tramadol Online facial wrinkles are removed with the help of endoscopic lifting. Significant excess skin can only be cut off, so here endoscopy does not help: you need to do a circular face lift.

– How is endoscopic lifting performed?

With the help of an endoscope, the surgeon moves and tightens the muscles through small incisions (up to 1 cm), which, depending on the area of ​​the braces, are done on the lower eyelid, on the temples or in the mouth. Muscle tissue along with the periosteum is separated from the bone, and then from the skin. Then the muscles move to the superior bone structure and are attached to it. During surgery, the muscles and the periosteum can be cut off slightly.

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– Andrey Anatolyevich, and at what age do women most often do endoscopic tightening?

Cheap Tramadol Online: Face lift age does not matter. Plastic surgery

The age of the patients who are shown this type of braces, varies between 30-40 years. Although, once again I remind you that the past years are not an indicator, the main criterion is the individual skin condition of a woman.

– If you want to hide from others the fact of the operation, will you have to lock yourself at home after endoscopy tramadol for a long time?

For about two weeks.

– How long is the effect of endoscopic lifting, and can I do it again?

On average, 7-10 years. Endoscopy can be repeated, however, most often, after this period the woman does not need endoscopic lifting, but a circular face lift.

– What is a circular lift?

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This is an operation in which through the incisions made in the scalp of the head, the skin exfoliates and re-tensioned Cheap Tramadol Online, and its surplus, acquired over the years, is cut off. Such an operation, I recommend always to supplement Cheap Tramadol Online with a tightening of the SMAS system (this English term means: superficial muscular aponeurotic system). Then not only the skin is tightened, but also the deep tissues of the face. This is necessary so that after the operation there does not appear the effect of a wax mask, which appears in case SMAS is not redistributed evenly under the tightened skin, but is gathered in a fold. The effect of the wax face is maintained after the operation on a circular tightening of the skin without SMAS from 1 to 1.5 years.

– Will tramadol scars be visible to others?

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The main skill of the plastic surgeon with circular suspenders is that the patient does not see postoperative scars. If you look even at famous people, you can notice the scars and wrongly attached lobes. There is no such thing that scars are visible due to the peculiarities of the healing of the skin: this means that the doctor has made some kind of inaccuracy. When done correctly, others will not notice a trace of surgery, but only note that you are prettier and younger.

– How long will have to recover after a deep circular braces?

After surgery from a competent surgeon, after 10-12 days, it will be possible to appear on the street without a bandage. The full effect will become noticeable after three months, when postoperative swelling finally disappears.

– Andrey Anatolyevich, is it possible to do an operation to lift a face, for example, a sixty-year-old woman?

All, of course, depends on the health of the patient Tramadol. Although modern opportunities for anesthesia have increased the upper age limit and, if a woman wants, and her state of health allows, then anything is possible.

The editors thank the “Clinic of Plastic Surgery №1” for the information provided.


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