Price For Tramadol in Bernardston USA: Postoperative Hernia. Surgery


Price For Tramadol: Postoperative Hernia. Surgery

Postoperative hernia. Surgery

small – do not change the overall configuration of the abdomen;

middle – occupy part of any area of ​​the anterior abdominal wall Price For Tramadol;

extensive – occupy the anterior abdominal wall;

gigantic – occupy two, three or more areas.

Complications of postoperative abdominal hernia:

pinching – a sudden compression of the hernial contents in the hernial ring;

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coprostasis – stagnation of feces in the large intestine.

Emergency care is required when postoperative hernia is injured and the following symptoms appear:

nausea, vomiting;

blood in the feces, lack of defecation and discharge of gas;

Price For Tramadol: Postoperative Hernia. Surgery

rapidly increasing abdominal pain;

hernia is not set when lightly pressed in the supine price for tramadol.

Postoperative hernia successfully treated surgically. If untreated, an unrecoverable hernia may form and develop its incarceration.

Causes of postoperative hernia

Postoperative hernia is a consequence of a previously performed surgery. The determining factors for its development are:

suppuration, inflammation of the surgical suture;

surgical errors made during the first operation;

increased exercise after surgery;

violation of the mode of wearing the front bandage in the postoperative period;

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insufficient restoring forces and low immunity;

Price For Tramadol: Postoperative Hernia. Surgery


severe cough, vomiting, constipation in the postoperative period.

Prevention of postoperative hernia

wearing a bandage after tramadol operation on the abdominal cavity;

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proper nutrition;

normalization of price for tramadol weight;

limitation of physical activity after surgery.

Treatment of postoperative hernia

It is possible to get rid of an osteoperative hernia only by surgery. Types of operations (hernioplasty):

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1) Plastics with local tissues – suturing the aponeurosis of the anterior abdominal wall. Plastic surgery with local tissues is possible only with a small defect size of less than 5 cm. When small postoperative hernias are eliminated, local anesthesia is permissible, in other situations the operation is performed under general anesthesia.

2) Plastic with the use of synthetic prostheses – shelter defect aponeurosis with postoperative hernia synthetic prosthesis. There are various methods that differ in the different location of the mesh in the anatomical structures of the anterior abdominal wall. The probability of recurrence is very small. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.


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