Tramadol 100Mg Dosage in Bertha USA: Sexual intercourse. health and beauty


Tramadol 100Mg Dosage: Sexual intercourse. health and beauty

Sexual intercourse health and beauty

There are heterosexual coitus – between representatives of different sexes and homosexual – between the same sex.

Under the sexual act is traditionally understood as an act of vaginal sex. It can be accompanied by tramadol 100 other forms of sexual activity of partners – caressing Tramadol 100Mg Dosage, oral or manual stimulation of erogenous zones, masturbation in the presence of a partner, etc. With vaginal sex and other forms of sexual activity, orgasm is possible for both or one of the partners.

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Tramadol 100Mg Dosage: Sexual intercourse. health and beauty

Sexual intercourse in humans is a very complex process consisting of a series of psychological and physiological conditionally unconditioned reflexes and occurs when an erection of the man’s penis is reached and, as a rule, the woman’s genitals are also excited and ready for intercourse – the man’s penis is inserted . In a healthy man without sexual desire, a purposeful erection does not occur, without erection frictions are impossible, and without ejaculation there is no orgasm.

The process of introducing a member into the vagina is a powerful stimulus for sexual arousal. After that, the man reciprocates his penis (frictions), while his sexual arousal continues to increase due to irritation of the head of the penis. Achieving the highest sexual arousal (orgasm) in a man is accompanied by the eruption of sperm (ejaculation) in the upper end of Tramadol 100Mg Dosage of the vagina near the cervix of the uterus tramadol. Next, the sperm through the cervical canal passes into the uterine cavity and into the upper section of the fallopian tubes. Here fertilization of the egg occurs, that is, the connection of the egg cell (egg) with the sperm cell, if by the time the sperm enters the uterus and the fallopian tubes there is an egg ready for fertilization.

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Sexual intercourse, which ended in an orgasm (orgasmic discharge), causes an increase in blood circulation, increased heart rate and respiration, and abundant sweat – as a result, sexual intercourse leaves a pleasant feeling of tiredness and muscle relaxation. During coitus, the blood pressure increases, and the pulse in the orgasm phase sometimes reaches 120-180 beats, the breathing rate is up to 40 per minute, that is, the indicators observed during the most intense sports competitions are achieved. Breathing is intermittent and shallow, alternating at the end of an orgasm with a few deep breaths.

Tramadol 100Mg Dosage: Sexual intercourse. health and beauty

In a man, during sexual intercourse, all physiological reactions go faster and stop more sharply than in a woman, who also has a preparatory period more, and a feeling of sexual satisfaction comes later tramadol 100mg dosage and in a slower pace than a man. The average duration of sexual intercourse in young healthy people in normal conditions varies from 2-5 minutes to 10 minutes at the first sexual intercourse. With the repetition of sexual intercourse may delay, lengthen. Normal can be considered any duration of sexual intercourse, allowing sexual satisfaction to both partners.

Regular sex life, appropriate individual capabilities is optimal. In case of violations of the flow of sexual intercourse, you should contact a sex therapist.

Stimulation of erogenous zones

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A person on the body has certain areas, the contact of which practically Tramadol 100 inevitably causes Tramadol 100 to cause sexual arousal. The penis and clitoris are two examples of organs that are particularly sensitive in the sexual sense. However, almost any part of the body can be prepared so that when it is stimulated erotic reactions occur. If touching a certain part of the body in someone leads to his tramadol sexual arousal, the corresponding area is called his erogenous zone. Typical erogenous zones outside the genitals are ear lobes, mouth, breasts, buttocks, lower abdomen, inner thighs and perineum.

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