Tramadol 50Mg Side Effects in Berne USA: The Last Preschool Summer. Parents and children


Tramadol 50Mg Side Effects: The Last Preschool Summer. Parents and children

Last preschool summer. Parents and children

If all the time left to school you are engaged exclusively in “coaching”, then by September all your entertaining textbooks with colorful pictures and fabulous examples will evoke in the future first-grader only a feeling of deep hatred.

Experienced tramadol 50mg primary school teachers say that before school it is much more important not to teach a child to read, but to develop speech, not to teach writing, but to develop fine motor skills, coordination of movements (this is facilitated by modeling, drawing, embroidery, designing from small parts). The problem of common development is now quite acute.

According to statistics, doctors recognize only 14% of future Russian first-graders to be practically healthy with Tramadol 50Mg Side Effects. 26% of preschoolers aged 4 to 6 have problems with speech development, 13% have nerves that are not in order, 2-4% have memory and attention disorders.

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What to do?

Larisa Suzdaltseva, teacher, head of the preschool education department of the children’s studio “Image”, advises:

“Speech development can be practiced not only at special classes in children’s studios. It is quite possible to do at home, in the country, but anywhere. For example, a mother can turn into an alien and ask the child to explain to her what a bicycle or a tree is. What does your white raven mean in your Zemlyan language? Or how can you hang your nose?

Tramadol 50Mg Side Effects: The Last Preschool Summer. Parents and children

Sometimes a young scholar knows all the constellations, but it is difficult for tramadol 50 to name what dishes are, or what street he lives on. Talk to your child with seemingly simple things: what are the names of pieces of furniture, what products are Tramadol 50Mg Side Effects in the refrigerator and what are they made of? Develop observation and attention, talking about what the weather is today, what you see in the forest, etc. Describe pictures together more often (from simple postcards to monumental canvases), trying to imagine what happened before and after the depicted moment. Another important thing. At school, teachers demand “to answer with a full answer”: i.e. not monosyllabic, but a complete sentence. This, too, can be taught in advance to the child even before the first bell rings. ”

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Anna Kosinskaya-Diyeva, speech therapist of the Klassiki children’s club:

“Speech development is very conducive to speech development. In order to teach the child to retell, you can again use pictures-pictograms. They are like a game or a cartoon, so children usually like it. However, this creates a steady visual images that will help them remember the plot of the story.

Do not seek to pump up a child with new information in the last month before school. Surely, over the past year he has been preparing for school in kindergarten or in courses. It makes sense, together with the future schoolchild, to scroll through his notebooks, which remained as a result of this preparation. Slowly, thoughtfully repeat the main topics already familiar to the child. By the way, I recommend that you keep these notebooks – can you imagine what a surprise for the prom! ”

Play school

It is often difficult for a child to understand the very structure of school life, the schedule of tramadol 50mg side effects, the alternation of lessons and changes. After all, until now, the preschool liberty allowed Tramadol 50Mg to be sufficiently free in the classes, and they did not pass every day. From now on, its status will change dramatically. What awaits him in this new life? Sometimes the upcoming changes Tramadol 50Mg (also aggravated by the horror stories of older comrades) scare him with their uncertainty.

Tramadol 50Mg Side Effects: The Last Preschool Summer. Parents and children

What to do?

M. Panfilova, psychologist:

“Play! Psychological preparation for school is wonderful in the game. Try to lose with your child various situations that he may encounter in school or at recess. Usually preschoolers like these games very much.

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Pupils at home school can be any soft toys. It is important that they are endowed with their own characters: one “pupil” may be naively naive, another – cowardly, the third – boorish. The roles of the teacher and the student can alternately be performed by the mother and the child. Let your school be a real bell, announcing the beginning and end of each lesson. Show tramadol in the game, how to behave in class (what if one student starts screaming, the other jumps, and the third runs?). Imagine how the very first school day of your toy pupils will pass. Teach your child to think that everything necessary for a lesson needs to be prepared in advance. Let the students really raise their hands when they want to ask the teacher something – in general, try to show the child as much as possible about what awaits him in the new school life. “

Of course, “the first time in the first class” is always a thrill and excitement. But if the child is psychologically ready for such changes in his life, he will perceive them quite easily. And for this he needs to feel your confidence and support.

Inessa Smyk

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