Tramadol Cost Without Insurance in Bessemer USA: Colon Polyp Diagnosis and Treatment. Gastroenterology


Tramadol Cost Without Insurance: Colon Polyp Diagnosis and Treatment. Gastroenterology

Colon polyps: diagnosis and treatment. Gastroenterology

The problem of polyps deals with a gastroenterologist.

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The main method for diagnosing polyps is colonoscopy – an examination of the intestinal section up to one meter using a special endoscope inserted into the anus. The endoscope is passed through the bowel bends, through all its constrictions. Every person over 50 years old must undergo this procedure. If Tramadol Cost Without Insurance has colon cancer in the family, then colonoscopy should be performed regularly, starting from a younger age.

Tramadol Cost Without Insurance: Colon Polyp Diagnosis and Treatment. Gastroenterology

Before a colonoscopy, the doctor may prescribe:

analysis of fecal occult blood;

irrigoscopy – X-ray examination of the intestine with Tramadol Cost tramadol cost Without Insurance of a contrast agent, administered with an enema;

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Tramadol Cost Without Insurance: Colon Polyp Diagnosis and Treatment. Gastroenterology

digital rectal examination and rectoromanoscopy – an endoscopic procedure that examines the tramadol cost without insurance section of the intestine up to 30 cm (direct and part of the sigmoid colon). The tool is a metal tube, equipped with special optics, illumination and a set of tweezers for taking a biopsy (a piece of tissue for subsequent research).

In a number of European countries, for example in Germany, they use a massive, simple and relatively inexpensive method for detecting polyps – the hemoccult test (materials for it are sent by mail). With the help of special chemical reactions, it allows to reveal even the most insignificant amount of blood in fecal masses. Tramadol Cost blood appears in the feces even with very small polyps in the intestines. Thus, it is possible to diagnose colon polyps and tumors in people who have not complained about anything.

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An even more ingenious technology was invented in Japan: a special sensor was installed in the toilet that responds to the appearance of Tramadol Cost blood in feces. The sensor is connected to a computer that is connected by tramadol to a common medical network that monitors each apartment connected to it. In the case of an “alarm,” the medical staff calls the family for an examination.

Such increased attention to polyps is due to the fact that in 50-75 percent of cases a malignant tumor arises precisely from polyps. Of particular danger is the multiple, or diffuse, polyposis, which is found in some families and has a hereditary nature. In this case, malignant tumors occur at the site of polyps in 80-100 percent of cases.

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