Tramadol For Depression in Berger USA: Hike to adulthood, or as we went from the baby to the common table. Pediatrics


Tramadol For Depression: Hike to adulthood, or as we went from the baby to the common table. Pediatrics

“Hike to adulthood” or as we went from the baby to the common table. Pediatrics

The story of a working mother of 2 young children

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Despite all the tasks that my children regularly give me, at least in one of them I was very lucky. Both the eldest son and the younger daughter under the age of 1 did not have any problems with interest in different products (and even now – only manage to throw at the table), and the stories of other mothers about how they try to persuade their baby to try at least that , except for breast milk or formula, for me were like from another planet. Of course, all children are different, someone comes up with a classic scheme of complementary foods – broccoli and cauliflower, someone is “pedagogical” – mom pieces from a plate, my own ones combined them with one another and asked for something else – being pretty nimble companions.

Tramadol For Depression: Hike to adulthood, or as we went from the baby to the common table. Pediatrics

However, the senior went to the common table for quite a long time – he ate cans, then again tramadol for depression cans and again cans, boxed cereals, plus in his childhood I didn’t really think about proper nutrition, you won’t give fried, spicy, too, in general the most common table we went with him much faster. I didn’t want to repeat this experience with the younger one – she didn’t particularly respect the canned food, and it didn’t cost much. Therefore, at first we ate food from a blender, then I kneaded it all with a fork, and by the year she had completely increased a whole bunch of teeth and bit them perfectly, so I wondered if it was time for the beauty girl to eat the same thing that we eat? In the end, than the child harm buckwheat or rice with turkey meatballs? Again, it’s one thing to cook for two adults and separately for a small child, and another – when these children have two, the sister constantly demands a tax from the brother’s plate, the brother peeks at the sister’s plate, and both of them bicker about it so that the windows are ringing neighbors. In addition, everyone had an excellent appetite, and they had to cook almost every day, but I worked and stayed at the stove for Traadol For Depression for days and could not and would not. The decision was obvious: it’s time to cook for everyone, and there everyone has to choose what he wants. Again, my husband and I also would not hurt to change the diet a little. Well, healthy food for all – it is easier, cheaper, and more convenient.

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No sooner said than done. I gradually began to increase those microdoses that the younger one could accidentally (as she thought) snatch. At the same time – reworked our standard menu, adjusting it to the principles of proper nutrition – cleaned fatty meat, began to steam more often, add less salt and sugar to dishes. My daughter, of course, was delighted with our food – the first time. But apparently, while I was trying to balance everything, something went wrong. The baby ate with the same enthusiasm, but after a while after the meal she began to get nervous, obviously something was bothering her, her tummy boiled and was “like a drum.” Her mood was obviously spoiled, she didn’t play that willingly, and more often Tramadol For Depression ached, but after a while everything was getting better – and then it started again. The food was absolutely not harmful, so I did not think that it was in her. But somehow we had a holiday of disobedience and ate for two days all sorts of rubbish, and our daughter ate good old mashed vegetables – and she was clearly lighter. Then it dawned on me, I consulted with the doctor, and we agreed with her that, apparently, my baby’s tummy needs help. The pediatrician said that there is no need to postpone the transition to a common table – you just need to give the child probiotics in addition to food, which will help her microflora to adapt to the new “adult” diet.

Tramadol For Depression: Hike to adulthood, or as we went from the baby to the common table. Pediatrics

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To be honest, I didn’t even have a choice this time. Fooling with powders, I did not want to initially. Pour, blab, calculate the dose, all this with a hungry child in her arms – no, thank you. Sunflower oil based solutions were also not trustworthy for me, since they are not always well absorbed. Moreover, if a person has problems with his stomach, why should he be additionally loaded? No, no sunflower oil. I, as usual, wanted to take the path of least resistance, and laziness, as we know, is the engine of progress. It is thanks to her that I found in the box with the first-aid kit a insert from the Bifiform Baby package that I forgot to throw out. Since we used Bifiform Baby, when the daughter was very small, and she had infantile colic, I thought – why not apply it now? It was painfully comfortable then, dripped once a day – and that’s it, then it works further, and no side effects, but only the expected positive ones. And really – it turns out, Bifiform Baby is quite possible to use in one-year-old children. I immediately moved to the pharmacy. Hi, familiar measuring pipette! Crank the lid, shake, open, drip a well-measured dose to the child in the mouth. That’s it, the customer is ready and happy.

As she grows up, the daughter is accustomed to general nutrition and problems with the tummy do not bother us anymore. So, in my own experience, I can confirm that organizing proper general nutrition for adults and young children of different ages, perhaps, you just need to understand how to do this, see the “pitfalls”, and if necessary use the proper probiotic to help with digestion. I wish you all good luck!

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