Tramadol For Sale in Ben Lomond USA: Prince William has opened a new breast cancer treatment center. Oncology


Tramadol For Sale: Prince William has opened a new breast cancer treatment center. Oncology

Prince William opened a new breast cancer treatment center. Oncology

With his creation, Ralph Lauren Center for Breast Cancer Research is obliged to generous donations from a famous designer who continues charity in honor of the old friendship with Princess Diana.

The prince and the designer visited the laboratory of endocrinology, where tissue samples from all over the country are sent for research, and then the immunochemical laboratory, where the samples are tested for specific tumor markers and the degree of aggressiveness of the disease. Scientists have clearly demonstrated that on just one slide, up to 200 tumor tissue samples can be analyzed for the presence of tumor markers. After examining the laboratories and meetings with research teams, the prince, who is President of the Trust Royal Marsden, met with day hospital patients who are currently taking part in clinical studies conducted by the Center.

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After cancer treatment, Royal Marsden performs restorative surgeries that improve the quality of life of patients, where they are made 630 annually. Plastic surgeons of the clinic help eliminate the consequences of dealing with such types of tumors as skin, neck, breast and other cancers.

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About 80% of plastic surgeries are associated with breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy. To restore the clinic specialists use the method of Diep flap or “patchwork plastics.” It allows you to restore the shape of the breast with your own tissues – skin and fat from the abdomen of a woman. According to Kieran Power, a specialist in microvascular reconstruction and oncology, “the DIEP flap technique allows Tramadol For tramadol for sale Sale to make the breast soft and natural. Today, this procedure is very reliable, characterized by a low percentage of complications and a short Tramadol For Sale recovery period. ”

Tramadol For Sale: Prince William has opened a new breast cancer treatment center. Oncology

Specialists of the center conduct research in the field of application of gene therapy, which, according to plastic surgeons, can help women reduce the side effects of radiotherapy. This is a joint study by Royal Marsden and the Institute of Cancer Research. The goal of the project is to search for methods to protect tissues from the effects of radiation therapy. The experimental technique is based on the delivery of protective genes into the skin that can withstand radiation damage.

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The Royal Marsden is one of the leading centers of Europe for lymph-venous shunting. The clinic performs microsurgical operations to eliminate lymphedema – edema caused by impaired lymphatic drainage (a common consequence of operations to remove breast tumors).

Surgeon Kelvin Ramsey (Kelvin Ramsey) explained that lympho-venous bypass surgery “involves changing the lymph route by attaching the lymphatic vessels to the small veins located directly below the surface of the skin. Three months after surgery, 90% of patients improve, and 60% see a lasting improvement after two years. ”

One of the advantages of the clinical center, which has allowed it to maintain its leadership in the field of cancer treatment for decades, is to conduct its own large-scale scientific projects. Studies allow not only to introduce new drugs and treatment methods more quickly, but even to set standards – the experience of The Royal Marsden is used by many medical centers.

Currently, clinical studies of the use of the drug abiraterone under new indications are being conducted here. Their results suggest that the drug significantly prolongs the lives of patients with advanced prostate cancer. If you apply a new medicine before chemotherapy, then the life of people can be extended by four months. Professor Johann de Bono (Johann de Bono) head of the center for drug development at the Royal Marsden and the Institute for Cancer Research believes that “these studies demonstrate significant success. After analyzing the results, we see that abiraterone really prolongs life if it is started before chemotherapy. In addition, our second study showed that men with a certain type of mutation in cancer cells respond positively to treatment with this drug. Thus, when cells with a similar type of mutation are found in patients, we will be able to give them a new tramadol medication as early as possible. ”

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Technologically, the center is equipped with the latest technology: 11 advanced accelerators, such as the True Beam (worth two million and three hundred thousand pounds sterling). This accelerator is equally effective in treating various types of tumors – cancer of the breast, lung, prostate, female genital organs, gastrointestinal tract and other malignant tumors in the body. It is used to apply cancer treatments such as visual control radiation therapy (Image-Guided Radiotherapy – IGRT); Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT); Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT); stereotactic radiation therapy. Read more about different types of therapy here.

Tramadol For Sale: Prince William has opened a new breast cancer treatment center. Oncology

For the treatment of skin cancer in The Royal Marsden use the apparatus Gulmay. It was developed by one of the leading British companies in the medical X-ray equipment market. With Gulmay, it is possible to irradiate both superficial tumors and deeper formations. This is a close focus and supervoltage radiotherapy.

Another important device The Royal Marsden – linear accelerator Elekta Versa HD. It affects cancer cells with a stream of high-energy protons. The tumor is localized when Tramadol For Sale receives a high-quality three-dimensional image. Instead of several weeks, the course of therapy lasts only a few days.

In addition, the clinic is currently developing the latest radiotherapy device, Linac. For its development “Medical Research Council” allocated a grant of 10 million pounds. “Linac” will combine the technology of two devices – a powerful linear accelerator and magnetic resonance imaging. This combination of forces will make the treatment even more effective – doctors will be able to detect a tumor even in the most hard-to-reach Tramadol For Sale for localization. In addition, the irradiation itself can be adjusted directly during treatment, thus avoiding the risks associated with damage to healthy tissues. The success of radiotherapy depends on the accurate detection of cancer cells, which in some cases can move. “Linac” will not let you lose sight of them.

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The Royal Marsden also uses brachytherapy or internal radiation therapy (doses of radiation are delivered inside the affected organ), as well as adaptive radiation therapy (radiation is selected on the day of the procedure based on imaging data. For example, patients with bladder cancer are offered irradiation in the volume corresponding to the volume of the bladder on the day of treatment). Thus, the safety of treatment increases and time is saved.

The operating robot surgeon Da Vinci Xi is an advanced model of the famous robot surgeon. With this high-tech platform, patients who have been diagnosed with prostate, ovarian, kidney, uterus and bladder cancer are prolonged.

Da Vinci Xi is the fourth generation in the robot-assisted surgery line. The new robot surgeon has a large range of motion and improved three-dimensional visualization. However, its main advantages are the reduction of the risk of infectious complications, the possibility of simultaneous work of several surgeons, minimal invasive intervention in the chest and abdominal cavities, reduction of pain, blood loss and reduction of the postoperative recovery period.

For questions about examination and treatment at Royal Marsden, contact Anglomedical, a London company.


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