Tramadol in Birdsboro USA: Baby Carriers. Parents and children


Tramadol: Baby Carriers. Parents and children

Devices for carrying babies. Parents and children

To choose “kengurushki” it is important: from what age and how long do you plan to use it?

A “kengurushka” usually has several positions – lying, sitting facing mother’s chest, sitting with her back to her mother’s chest and behind her mother’s back. If you are going to use the “kengurushka” from the very birth of a baby, you need a 3 in 1 model (with a prone position and a rigid headrest). Only this option is suitable for a newborn baby. For kids older than six months, the situation is “facing forward,” because they already want to look at the world.

Usually, each model has age restrictions (up to 9-11 months) or by weight (mostly up to 9-10 kg, although there are models up to 12-13 kg). But apart from the standard restrictions, you need to pay attention to the individual characteristics of your baby, because there are “kengurushki” mini for miniature kids, and there is a maxi for large kids. Models mini and maxi differ in the volume of the pocket for the baby’s calf and the width of the holes for its legs. Check how stretch the gum, will not they rub the tiny legs.

It also matters at what time of year you will be especially active in using “kengurushka”. If it is cold when the baby is dressed in a warm jumpsuit, it is better to prefer the maxi model. And if you plan to use the “kangaroo” in a warm time, pay attention to the fact that the fabric is soft enough, without rough seams and hard rubber bands that can rub the delicate skin of the baby.

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The next question you should ask yourself when choosing a “kengurushka” is: how comfortable and safe will it be for your child?

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Tramadol: Baby Carriers. Parents and children

It is better to choose those models in which the baby is tightly pressed against the mother – it is more comfortable and calmer for him. Experiment with the various positions that we talked about above – sitting facing the mother’s breast, sitting back to her mother’s breast and behind her mother’s back. Some kids prefer a certain position, others – change them depending on their mood and state. Active explorers of the world want to sit only with their backs to their mother’s breasts, and it is more comfortable for the more timid kids to see their mother’s face in front of them.

As for security, pay attention to the following points.

First of all, it is, of course, the strength of all fasteners, straps, buckles and carbines. All this should be stitched with several lines or duplicated with metal rivets.

Well, when a backpack has only one tramadol zipper, which can be easily and quickly fastened. A rare baby with angelic patience will wait for his mother to cope with all the clasps and hooks! For example, I have not met such.

Prefer natural fabrics. The less synthetics, the better!

The “kengurushki” must have a stiff back on which the baby rests. Some models are equipped with a roller – you can put your head on it.

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Tramadol: Baby Carriers. Parents and children

Do not forget the manufacturers “kengurushek” and the twins, creating special models for them. There are many options – both babies can be at your breast or behind your back, or one baby carries her in front and the other in the back.

And, finally, the third very important question: how comfortable is “kengurushka” personally for you?

Before you buy, be sure to try on a backpack (you can use a large baby doll as a dummy). Are you comfortable? Find out in what sequence you need to fasten the baby to yourself.

The strap “kengurushki” should be wide enough. It is better if they can be buttoned crosswise (in this case, they will not fall off from the fragile mother’s shoulders). It is even better if, in addition to the straps, in the “kengurushka” there will be an additional belt around the waist. It should also be wide enough and dense, and you can fit it with the help of special buckles. This method of attachment allows you to evenly distribute the load across the back and reduces fatigue.

If you are breastfeeding not on a schedule, but when the child wants (that is, the breast may be needed at any time), choose a “kengurushka”, which can be used to detach one or both straps and feed the baby without removing it from the backpack. It is very convenient for a walk or while traveling.

Many models are supplied with a pocket in which you can put a handkerchief or, if necessary, a bottle of water.

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If “kengurushki” have become relatively commonplace on our streets, then people are still wary of sling. What is it?

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