Tramadol Online Pharmacy in Bettendorf USA: Cognitive games in the country. Parents and children


Tramadol Online Pharmacy: Cognitive games in the country. Parents and children

Educational games in the country. Parents and children

The answer “From the West” or “From the South-East” is unlikely to satisfy the beginning researcher. It’s time to teach Tramadol Online Pharmacy to determine its wind direction.

Would need:

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pencil with an eraser on the end;

plastic cup, for example, from yogurt;

cocktail straw;

pin with a head.

What to do?

Take a cup from under the yogurt, make a hole in the center and insert a pencil into it so that the eraser is at the top and the edge of the pencil is inside the cup.

Tramadol Online Pharmacy: Cognitive games in the country. Parents and children

At each end of the straws for a cocktail make two notches one centimeter long. In each of them insert a small triangle, cut out of cardboard. The angles of the Tramadol Online triangles should be directed in one direction – in order to get an arrow for our weather vane.

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Now you need exactly in the middle to poke a straw-arrow with a pin and chop it with the tramadol online pharmacy pencil eraser. Twist in different directions to make sure that it rotates easily. The base of the weather vane (cup) is fixed with plasticine on a cardboard square. Plasticine does not need to regret, the vane must be sustainable.

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We take the construction out onto an open summer terrace or onto a balcony and, in order not to be swept away by the wind, put it on the corners of Tramadol Online Pharmacy on a cardboard square over a stone. Now it is necessary to orient the weather vane. Of course, it would be nice to do this on a compass. But if he was not in the dacha farm, we get up at 6-7 am and watch where the sun is. I mean, where is east. On this side, we write the letter B on a piece of paper, on the opposite side – W, above — C, below — Y. From now on, the vane will regularly show you the direction of the wind.

If the child already knows how to write Tramadol Online Pharmacy, he will be able to keep a real observation diary – recording the wind direction and strength (weak, moderate, strong) every day.

What is a volcano?

This question did not give rest to my friend’s son after he saw the painting “The Last Day of Pompeii”. Of course, you can tramadol online to tell that a volcano is formed in the earth‘s crust above the magma. When hot gases press against it, the magma is pushed upward, melting the rocks along the way and with an explosion erupts to the surface. But all these explanations are not very clear to the child. The current (and absolutely safe) model of the volcano, which can be installed, for example, in a sandbox, will be much clearer.

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Would need:


Tramadol Online Pharmacy: Cognitive games in the country. Parents and children

baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) – one tablespoon;

vinegar 3-9% – 40-50 ml;

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a few drops of red food coloring (can be replaced with beet juice);

dishwashing liquid – one tablespoon.

What to do?

To begin to blind hollow truncated cone. Split the existing plasticine in half: roll one half into a round pancake, and the other into a rectangle, from which then fold the cone with a small hole on top and connect its bottom Tramadol Online Pharmacy tramadol piece with the “pancake”, carefully pinching Tramadol Online in a circle so that left a single crack. To make sure of tightness, it is necessary to pour water through the upper hole (then, of course, it must be poured out). The volume of the cone should not be very large – enough 100-150 ml.

Prepare “lava”: mix dishwashing liquid, dry soda and dye, pour it all into the “volcano mouth”. Now add the same vinegar. As a result, a violent reaction will begin with the release of carbon dioxide – oh, a miracle: a boiling foam will come down from the vent of the volcano.

At the same time, you can tell the child that this model is used for very peaceful purposes – for example, in the kitchen, when the mother kneads the dough. When acid is combined with alkali, carbon dioxide is formed – this is what makes the dough lush, forming bubbles and air tracks in it. And do it his old friends – soda and vinegar.

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As you can see – nothing complicated Tramadol Online Tramadol Online! And how much joy, co-creation and discoveries …

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